"Incorporating Modern Flourishes Into Your Lettering" A Book by Jarrin Cheng

What audience is this book targeted to?

This flourishing guide is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their calligraphy skills by adding beautiful flourishes to their lettering. If you've been wondering how others have been doing it and don't know where to start, this book is the perfect guide. Jarrin breaks down the anatomy of a flourish and gives you step-by-step instructions on how and where to add the swirls and swooshes that has made his Instagram account so popular. 

The most comprehensive flourishing guide out there.

What should you expect to learn from this book?

This book offers a refresher course in the basics, offering a break down of preferred pens and then quickly delves into what a flourish is. It provides a visual depiction of do's and don'ts of flourishing and a visual breakdown of the anatomy of a flourish. The book offers a variety of different ways to flourish and how and where to add them to your letters.

The components of a flourish are outlined and then shown how many variations they can be combined in to make a magnitude of different styles of flourishes. The guide provides a tracing guide to practice these different flourishing shapes as well as equips you with the skill to develop your own style of flourishes.

Afterwards, the book dives right into "Flourishing the Alphabet" with example upon example of how to flourish every letter in the alphabet from capital letters to lower case letters. There are pages where you can practice tracing each letter to gain the muscle memory needed to write these flourishes on your own.

The book also offers stylistic advice on how to place letters to improve the composition. creating a balance between lettering and empty spacing. Lastly, the book offers examples of common words and phrases to practice.

One the book is used for practice and learning, it should be kept as a valuable resource since it offers so many stylistic variations for flourishes. This book will continue to be used even well after the flourishing lessons are taught.

What kind of experience should you have before you purchase this book?

Some basic skills in calligraphy should be had already. This book is definitely geared towards a slightly more experienced letterer. It is especially aimed at someone who is looking to improve or change their styles, especially if you want your lettering to have that special stylistic something that sets it apart from all the other calligraphers out there.

What kind of supplies should you have before purchasing this book?

This book comes with a Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip brush pen which is perfect for use with the book but an assortment of brush pens would be useful as a tool in flourishing. What you learn from this book can also be applied to pointed pen calligraphy. 

What does this book do well?

This book tackles the difficult task of explaining HOW to flourish. There are very few resources out there that can say they accomplish this. While there are many books out there that offer the basics of calligraphy, it's extremely difficult to teach flourishing. This book does a great job of breaking down why certain flourishes work and why others don't. Since it breaks down the anatomy of a flourish, it gives you the tools to develop your own styles so you're not dependent on copying all the flourishes found in the book.


Guest rEview by Leslie Tieu

Image provided by Leslie Tieu

Image provided by Leslie Tieu

Leslie is a born and raised Southern California native who is self-taught in the arts of modern calligraphy, hand lettering, and watercoloring. Leslie is the artist behind the popular Instagram account @Leslie.Writes.It.All where she is known for her videos on lettering, painting, and other DIY projects. Leslie has been featured by InsiderArt and Buzzfeed for her creative and colorful videos. She has been named by CreativeMarket in their "10 Incredible Letterers" article and Country Living Magazine listed her as "13 Calligraphers You Need to be Following on Instagram". Her personal philosophy is inspired by the words of Albert Einstein "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on". She loves sharing her love for the lettering arts with those on social media and is excited to share her knowledge of lettering with others.

Biography provided by Leslie Tieu